Start your day…..simply.

Here we are two weeks into our brand spankin’ New Year and most of you are already regretting making that resolution to lose  weight and work out every day.  I may not be able to get you motivated to get in the gym in the  morning, but lets shoot for a healthy breakfast and maybe the gym after work.  .  Breakfast.  My one motivation for getting out of bed.  Sometimes the snooze button wins in the battle for your time before you have to be to work.  Thats why I’m here with a few ideas to get you out the door and on your way with a healthy breakfast and plenty of time to beat the morning traffic. Enjoy!

Toaster Whole-Wheat waffle with peanut butter

Low fat yogurt with granola

Scrambled Egg whites with Wheat toast

Cottage cheese and fruit

Low-fat cheese and an apple

Instant oatmeal with fresh fruit

Hard-boiled egg




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