Happy Halloween.

sugarskullHappy Halloween Mashed Banana followers!  Have you stocked up on candy, but forgotten the costume?  Don’t fret!  Just grab some makeup and you will have a costume in no time.  I hate to spend a lot of money on a costume that I end up wearing for a few hours.  So this year I decided to wear something I already had and just do my makeup as a sugar skull.  So I cheated a bit and went to Sephora.  If you make a fifty dollar purchase they do your makeup for free.  Great for Halloween or an extra special date night.  I had a few things on my list so I went ahead and made those purchases and the very sweet, Maira, did an amazing job on my look.

Last year me and the BF spent Halloween in Mexico.  So why not take it back to that fun vacation?  I’m very ‘girl next door’ so this was a nice treat to be a little spooky.  In order to get the look the make up artist combined foundation with white make up and applied to my face.  She then wiped away any place she was going to do in black.  She outlined my eyes and all the details with a white pencil and then applied the black eyeliner directly to my skin.  She used liquid liner for the details and a pencil for the eyes.  Once it was all on she pressed a black powder shadow on top to set it all.  On the lips she used a white cream and then used the black liquid liner for the details.  The blue was done with a cream shadow and then a shimmery blue powder to set.

I bought the flowers at Forever 21 and wore a black dress that I’ve had for years.  I wore black tights and used white chalk to draw bones on them.  Once the party was over I threw the tights in the washer and they are good to wear again on a non-Halloween night.

Wishing you a safe and spooky Halloween!


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