Happy Tails!!!


Animals have a very special place in my heart!  I grew up on a farm in rural Nebraska.  This left me with an abundance of time and access to lots of furry critters:)  I no longer have access to livestock to pet and give snacks to so I have to settle for my pups!

When I first moved to Oklahoma City I got involved with the OK Humane Society.  They have a really wonderful program and are striving to become a no-kill shelter.  As part of the foster program we get to bring lots of fur babies into our homes and then they get to go on to their forever homes.  I am the first to admit that it is not easy!  I fall in love with each and every one of these sweet babies.  When they go I am always in tears. I can’t help but think with every single one ‘Should we just keep them?’.  But….our house is too small for three so we always let them go live happy lives with their new homes.

Here is a story on my most recent foster, Gilbert(all of our dogs are named after OK State).  I was driving to work and saw this sweet boy run across four lanes of traffic.  I knew he would probably be long gone by the time I turned around and got to him but I gave it a shot.  Luckily, I caught up with him.  I had a left over cookie in my car from the previous days lunch and was able to convince him with Lemon Riccota to come over to my car.  Then I lifted this massive, beat up, pit bull into my tiny car.  We went to the vet and found out he was not chipped or neutered and had no tags.  I posted to several Facebook pages and put up posters but was not able to find his parents.  He stayed with us for about two weeks and during that time he had surgery to be neutered, my amazing bf footed the bill, and got caught up on all his vaccines.  We went on lots of walks and worked on training.  One of our IT guys at work had mentioned a few months ago that he wanted to get a dog (he will probably never tell me anything again!!) so I asked him to come see my Gilby.  He brought his kids over and the rest is history.  Now anytime I want to check on my sweet Gilbert I just have to call the IT department!

Moral of this story….if you see a pet away from home stop and safety try to get it to a safe place.  I can’t imagine if one of my boys were lost and looking for his way home.  I sure hope someone would help them.  Spay and neuter your pets!  There is really no reason not to.  So many pups are looking for homes and are being put down in shelters all the time.  Please don’t shop, ADOPT!


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