Our trip to Greece! Athens and Santorini

SAMSUNG CSCLast month me and the bf took a trip to Greece!  We have made traveling a priority and we try to take one big vacation each year.  Everyone kept asking me ‘Why Greece?’  I keep thinking, WHY NOT!!!  We are very fortunate to be able to travel and we know that may not always be the case so I wanted to get this trip done now. We spent nine days total and traveled to Athens and Santorini.

Santorini was amazing!  It was everything you picture when you think of Greece.  Blue domes, gorgeous views, fresh food…. I could go on and on.  We stayed at Voreina Gallery Suites in Fira.  I cannot rave enough about this place.  The staff was so caring!  They had a driver at the airport waiting for us, super nice since it was 6am and we were jetlagged, he had the keys to our room so we could get settled in  and take a nap while we waited for the front desk to open.  They brought us breakfast to our room every morning and we had a private pool.  On our first day they arranged for our rental car and gave us details on where we should go and how to get around the island.  They were amazing!

We went to a beach and it had black sand!  It was super hot on our feet but really cool to see.  They had servers that brought us mojitos so we didn’t have to leave our umbrellas:)  We also went to a red beach that had sand even more red than the clay in Oklahoma!  We ventured to Oia one day and were blown away by the views.  The sunsets in Santorini are some of the most amazing in the world.  Once the sun sets everyone claps!  I was so glad we rented a car while we were there.  The driving is certainly different than it is in the United States but it was just another part of the experience!

If Santorini is everything you expect, Athens isn’t at all what you are thinking.  I was really surprised by all the graffiti we saw.  Everything is covered!  There was some really amazing art, but it made me think the neighborhoods were less than safe.  SAMSUNG CSC

We visited the Acropolis and the Acropolis museum.  These two are probably already at the top of your list and they should be!  We had dinner at the museum restaurant and were able to see the Acropolis lit up while eating chocolate mousse at the museum restaurant.  Not bad!  We also visited Monastirki Square in Athens.  It was really crowded, but had lots of shops and vendors where your could pick up gifts for everyone back home.


One of the highlights of our time in Athens was the Hamman Baths.  It was a super modern bath house near Montasoukis square.  You walk inside and are given Turkish towels to cover up with.  Then you go into a steam room with marble seats and basins.  You are given a bowl to pour water over yourself and to bath with olive oil soap.    After relaxing in the steam room you are taken to another area where you lay on a heated marble table and are washed, exfoliated and massaged.  It was amazing!

All in all we had an amazing time!  I will definitely be back to Greece, but will probably spend as much time as possible on the islands.  Until then I will keep looking at pics and day dreaming:)


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