New Year, New You! What are your resolutions?


I cannot even believe it is 2015 already!  Where has the time gone?  I am beyond excited for this year.  It will certainly be a big one!

With each new year I like to make resolutions.  I call them ‘resolutions’ but in reality they are really goals for myself for the next year.

Here are my resolutions for 2015!  Share yours in the comments!

1.  Learn Spanish

Sadly, this is one leftover from last year.  I really want to learn a second language, I just haven’t put forth the effort to make it happen.  I bought Rosetta Stone last year and my goal is to spend at least two hours a week working on it!

2.  Volunteer/Give Back at least one time per month

I want to do my best to give back to the community.  I don’t have a ton of time to give each week so I have set a reasonable goal of doing something selfless at least one time per month.  This month I have had two foster puppies.  I already have an appointment set up to donate blood in February.  I can still spend more time volunteering if I have it, but this holds me accountable to at least one activity each and every  month.

3.  Start Writing

I really enjoy writing!  I just don’t ever seem to make the time to do it.  This goal is really about me taking a few moments to do something for me and to focus on the positive.  I have decided to start my writing in a journal and only writing about the positive.  I simply write about what I am feeling, or experiencing at that particular moment I don’t want to write about anything upsetting because I don’t want to spend any time dwelling on it.  I have set a goal to journal at least two times per week.

4.  Workout 3 times per week

I am sure many of you have Nutrition and Fitness goals for 2015.  I am no different.  I hate going to the gym but I know how important it is for me to stay healthy.  I have decided I need to actually workout at the gym at least  three days a week.  I am doing a challenge in January that has me in the gym six days a week!  So I am definitely on track this month.  I will let you know more about this crazy challenge later!  Trust me, it is awesome!

5.  Get Married

This may sound like a silly resolution, but me and the bf got engaged in late September while we were in Greece.  I thought we would wait until 2016 to get married but I have decided I want to do it in 2015.  I put this as a resolution to really make it happen.  I am already on the right track with a date set for October!  Look for more wedding blogs in the future!!

Good luck with your resolutions for 2015!  Set realistic goals and make sure they are specific.  Don’t get frustrated if they don’t stick right away.  Just keep at it and celebrate every accomplishment!  Happy New Year!


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