Brunch Wedding at The Belmont

Well, after nearly 8 years of dating we finally made it official!  Now, let me spill the deets!


We did it!



We decided to get married in Dallas at The Belmont Hotel.  The hotel has a super chill vibe and the property is breathtaking.  Tons of succulents and a gorgeous view of my favorite city!  Not to mention, having a wedding at one location makes things a lot easier.  I am all about making things easy for myself!

Next priority for us was the food and drinks.  Right next to The Belmont is a restaurant called Smoke.  They are known for their smoked meats and amazing brunch.  Since brunch is our favorite meal we decided to have our wedding at noon and keep the food brunchy.  By having the ceremony earlier in the day it also kept the vibe a little more relaxed, which we were totally for.  We had Hypnotic Donuts and cocktails of course, for the cocktail hour.  For brunch we served scrambled eggs, some of the best pancakes ever, super thick smoked bacon, biscuits and gravy, fruit, and ham smothered in Dr. Pepper gravy(since we are in TX!).  We served Bloody Mary’s, Micheladas, mimosas and Lone Star Beer.  We thought if we are going to go all the way to Big D to get married we better make sure everyone gets the real feel of Dallas.  The food was fantastic and we made it a point to be the first ones in line!

Hypnotic Donuts


Next on the list of importance was music.  Funny story…. my hubs met a guy on the internet and he ended up djing our wedding!  Long story short, he started listening to a radio station out of Seattle(his hometown) way back in college.  He formed a relationship with THE dj, John Richards, at KEXP by emailing and requesting songs.

John and Amy Richards and the bride and groom

Eventually he asked him to play Fantasy Football and when it came time to find music for our wedding we thought…. why not ask?  Fast forward to our wedding day and we had one of the world’s best dj’s and his wife set the soundtrack for one of the most important days of our lives!  Crazy, right?!  Yeah, life is weird and awesome sometimes!


My dress was custom made by Linh’s Bridal in Oklahoma City.  I was having a tough time finding a dress that wasn’t a huge pouf ball and there was no way I was going to have to have help using the restroom.  How can I feel like a princess when it takes a small army to help me go potty? Um, no thank you.

My Mom decided that we should have some Wedding Day ‘surprises’!  One of them being that she chose our cake design.  I did the tasting and put the baker at Panini Bakery and Cakes in touch with my Mom and she did the rest. I will admit, there was some anxiety at first, but I am so glad I did this.  It was really fun to see my cake for the first time. There was an olive branch on our cake since we got engaged in Greece.   Flowers were done by Lane Florist.

Cake by Panini Bakery and Cakes


I did get a little bit sentimental and booked the same makeup artist that did my makeup on the shoot that we met on seven years ago!    That is a whole other story, but we met on set of a TV show that was filmed at a casino.  Weird things, right?!
But anyway, if you are in Dallas and need hair and makeup, check out Samarica at SASA.

The Final Touch!


Photos were not a top priority for us so I definitely waited until the last minute to book a photographer.  Fortunately, someone was recommended to me and everything worked out perfectly.  We used Tanner Ellison and were so happy with the photos we received.  We didn’t want to spend a lot of time taking photos while our guests were waiting.  She seemed to be in every place at once.  So many people said “I didn’t even see the photographer’.

All in all, it was a day surrounded by people we love, creating memories we will cherish our entire lives.  I know everyone says it, but it was an absolutely perfect day!!



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